What Killier Wedgie Do You Deserve? (Girls Only)

This is a wedgie quiz. You will be decided if you deserve a wedgie for you punishment. Masters Mistresses, Boyfriends! COME TO THIS QUIZ TO PUNISH YOUR WEDGIE SLAVE!

Perpare your ass for death. Make sure you don't kill yourself though... ;) THIS QUIZ WILL KILL YOU AND ALSO! MAKE SURE NOT TO DIE! WARING FOR SENSTIVE ASSES!

Created by: Wedgie Mistress

  1. Do you like wedgies?
  2. Who gives you the most wedgies?
  3. What underwear are you wearing?
  4. Why are you taking this quiz?
  5. If punishment, what did you do?
  6. Where do you do wedgies, if you do them yourself?
  7. How often do you get wedgies?
  8. Is your butt sensetive?
  9. Whatever. Your. Answer. Is. YOU. MUST. DO. IT!
  10. So what did you think? Do you think I should continue to kill you asses? Don't worry. I now own all of your asses. I am now you mistress.

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Quiz topic: What Killier Wedgie do I Deserve? (Girls Only)

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