what kakegurui character are you?

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hello! this is my first time making a quiz so please be kind :) this quiz will tel you witch kakegurui character you are, i tried to make it as precise as possible.

i hope you enjoy my quiz! i put much thought and time into it and researched the characters to make it as precise as i could, i hope you like your results :)

Created by: ArminsOcean

  1. which game?
  2. choose a colour-
  3. what part of your body are you confident about? (this is a wierd question i know)
  4. who is your faveourite character?
  5. who do you want to gamble with?
  6. do you want to be a member of the school council?
  7. are you gambling for fun or for the money?
  8. you are on your way back from the mall when someone tries to steal your shopping! what do you do?
  9. how often do you watch anime?
  10. and last but not least- witch council member is the best?

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Quiz topic: What kakegurui character am I?