Is your character a Mary-Sue? It's not necessarily bad!

Is your character a Mary-Sue? If it is then it's not a bad thing! Many shows and anime have Mary-Sue's as main characters, and if they do it correctly then it can be really well done!

That being said, you have to make sure your handling your characters correctly, or else your world will seem wierd, and not in the good way But of course, you can just make characters for the fun of it!

Created by: AnxiousAce

  1. How old is your Character?
  2. Is your characters age your age or around your age?
  3. Does your characters always win with little to no difficulty?
  4. How many characters have a crush on your characters?
  5. Is your character always nice no matter what
  6. Has your character ever reformed a villian?
  7. If your character has a mental illness/disability, does it conveniently disappear in a time of need
  8. How many disabilities/mental illnesses do your characters have?
  9. Is your character always right?
  10. How many pets does your character have?

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Quiz topic: Is my character a Mary-Sue? It's not necessarily bad!