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  • Im in JYP ent. { on the quiz

    But i was thinking to trained in YG ent. Or Pledis ent. Because Im only 14 rn and when Im 17-18 I wanna become a kpop idol I might have to leave school though...but this is my chance to get accepted by a company! Lol Im still learning Korean to I know a little bit of Korean so I guess Ill train more than 1-2 years!?

    • are they strict

    • Pledis treats their trainees like crap or I wouldnt become a trainee their but if you want to you could, YG is pretty good and treats their trainee alright but they they dont get lots of comebacks but overall good company like blackpink dont get lots of comebacks but are very popular, so I would try YG not Pledis but its your life afterall

  • I don't think its possible for me to be one because im black

  • i'm yg ent.
    i always loved them ^^

  • sm ent 93% i love sm ent snsd


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