What is your wolf name?!

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find out what your wolf name is, and some about personality and rank! you can be loner, alpha, female, or male!!!! do you have pups, a mate, ect. have fun deciding what your name, rank, and personality is!!!

i really hope you have fun!!! post your results for others to see and tell what you want me to change!!!! we all know that wolves are great, so enjoy!!! THANKS!!!!!!!

Created by: kaitsparrow

  1. what gender are you?
  2. what color would you like to be?
  3. are you loyal?
  4. what is your rank?
  5. mate and pups, yes or no?
  6. what is your personality?
  7. pick an element!!!!!
  8. pick a color!!!!!
  9. what is your favorite animal?
  10. what eye color do you want?
  11. do you like to hunt? and who do you hunt for?
  12. did you like this quiz (question has no effect on quiz results)

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Quiz topic: What is my wolf name?!