What is your Vampire Power?

Have you ever wondered what power you would have if you were in a Twilight book? Well, this is your lucky day. Just answer the questions, and voila! There you have it.

I bet you will get a good one. XD All of the powers are good. I hope you enjoy what you get. Maybe even you can write a book about it. lol You, and you magnificent power, and some other person. lol

Created by: *kills them* XD
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  1. Have you ever felt unnoticed?
  2. Ever wondered about anything you didn't know? Or be frustrated by it?
  3. Ever wanted to just kill somebody? But didn't want to be caught?
  4. Ever wanted to show someone how fast you can go? Really beat um.
  5. Wanted some power? To just change people at your will?
  6. Ever wanted to just power over everything? To be strong?
  7. Do you see pictures and just jolt to a flash back?
  8. Do people avoid your glare?
  9. Do you ever just feel like your running on air?
  10. Can you look at someone and guess what they are feeling?
  11. Ever broken something when you were angry?

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Quiz topic: What is my Vampire Power?