What is your TRUE Warrior cat name?

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THIS IS IMPORTANT!! READ THIS!! Oh good! You're still reading! Anyway, there are some questions where it is either a tom or she-cat answers. Just answer DIDN'T CHOOSE whenever you come across a question like that, if it does not apply to you.

You must rate and comment, so I can see if it's any good. But keep any stupid and hurtful comments to yourself ok? Thanks for reading this far and taking the quiz!

Created by: Darkestfox09

  1. Hey! What are you doing on Jadeclan's territory? *growl*
  2. Ok, never mind. So what clan are you from?
  3. Tom or she-cat?
  4. What position in a Clan makes you feel at home? (Sorry no leaders)
  5. Ok, down to the darker questions. You are one of the she-cats. A cat that loves you deeply comes up to you and licks your cheek, flicking your flank with his pelt. Why does he like you so much?
  6. How would you respond?
  7. Now you are a tom. You're lying in the Warriors den, when a she-cat comes up to you, and curls next to you tightly. You share tongues. Why does she like you so much?
  8. How would you respond?
  9. A battle with the neighboring clan! Your leader is pinned, but you best friend needs help! Who do you save?
  10. You win the battle, and get to keep your land! But there are many cats wounded, and tired. How do you help?
  11. What is your best trait? (She-cats)
  12. What is your best trait? (Toms)
  13. You fight to...
  14. So long! And if I ever find you on Jadeclan's territory again...
  15. Ta ta

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Quiz topic: What is my TRUE Warrior cat name?