What Is Your True Fear??

Do you know what your true fear is?? Figure out in this SHORT quiz. Everybody has that one fear... What is yours?? This took me a while so pleaseeee take it...

Please give this ten stars, comment what you got and any suggestions, tell other people about it, and take my other quizzes cause I work super hard on all my quizzes...

Created by: Marissa_1234
  1. What do you do before bed every night??
  2. You go to a rollercoaster park with your friends. Which ride do you not do??
  3. You and your friends go into the woods. What are you most scared of?
  4. Which one is the best vacation to you??
  5. Which one is the worst vacation?
  6. Which one were you most scare of in life??
  7. Fav color?...
  8. Worst type of movie.
  9. Pick an element
  10. What do you think your fear is??

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Quiz topic: What Is my True Fear??