what is your school status?

have you ever wondered what you fit in as? Jock, Queen bee, Bouncer, Average, or Geek? this quiz could help you find out now. please enjoy!

this quiz is easy and short. people will enjoy it, while others dont. i hope you like it, it took awhile to make for me to get the catagories and everything

Created by: wolfman1
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you arrive at school. what happens?
  2. how many friends do you have
  3. what are your grades like?
  4. you are invited to a party. you
  5. hobby?
  6. theres a big science project due next week what do you do?
  7. whats your girlfriend like?
  8. MARCO!!
  9. cloths?
  10. was this an awesome quiz?

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Quiz topic: What is my school status?