What is your real name called?

Don't have a real name yet? Well, this quiz tells you what your real name is! Ither Rachelle or Hayden, or Ricky or Hannah? Different ideas for you! Well, answer each question as you go along, and we are sure you can get your real name at last! So get ready and start the quiz, starting with your age and your gender.

Some of the questions and answers are all very good it's so hard to choose-but many people went through it at last. I believe that you can be one of those people that went through the quiz, and so does all the other quiz takers. Watch out below!

Created by: Angela.Z of Gamez!
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  1. What letter does your name begins with?
  2. What's your favourite name out of all this?
  3. What's your lover's name?
  4. Where are you going for next holiday?
  5. What's your favourite hobby?
  6. Do you like Michael Jackson or Ashley Tisdale?
  7. What's your lover's gender?
  8. Who created the world?
  9. Do you like Adam or Eve?
  10. Do you believe in God or Buddha?
  11. What's special about eggs?
  12. Final Question-Kissed your lover yet?

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