How ell do you know diney dramas?

There are different type of tv -watchers.Some of them are so high-leveled that they are called tv-freaks.Tv-freaks are unsocial in their real life but they answer almost every question related to tv

Can you answer the tv-serials as accurate as tv-freaks (tv-watchers in high-level).If you think you are smart enough to be called a tv-freak then better take the quiz and find it out by yourself

Created by: Farooq
  1. What is the real identity of The Hannah Montana?
  2. Who solves Alex Ruso's mis-spelled spell?
  3. Who is intelligent in The suite life of Zack and Cody?
  4. Who does study most?
  5. Somebody is named "BBB" in the drama "Kya Mast Hai Life"
  6. Who is the musician?
  7. Who is the daughter of the super-star?
  8. Who played the double-role game to hide his/her real identity
  9. Zeeshan is scared of
  10. From the following,who is the person Zeeshan titled "Big muscle,Mousy voice.
  11. What is the real name of Mr.Chotu?

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Quiz topic: How ell do I know diney dramas?