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  • I am very pale white but I received the Asian result anyway. But I would not call myself a Naruto freak at this point because I have seen under 25 episodes of the anime and read less than 85 of the manga chapters. But I eat far more rice than almost anyone in the United States.

    • I got Asian I knew it. And the accuracy is so true that it's scary I always knew I was somewhere close with Asian people especially Korean I caught myself in my Normal personality and it was a Asian type mood I was like .... Wait what and one Time my sister said stop you acting like a anime person then I was like what I do I didn't do anything. So I predicted my real ethincy I knew I had a lot of Asian in me

      Stormie Nova54
  • What? I'm totally NOT asain! It said I like anime and I said I don't. It said I like techno...not really. This is screwed up! I'm not judgmental of anyone's culture, but Asian culture is out of my realm for sure! I'm Canadian for Chrissake!

  • I got "Asain". No idea what that is :')

    The spelling in some words gave my eyes cancer.. Use a dictionary if you're not sure how a word is spelled...

  • Seriously -.- It Said Im White , When Really Im Hispanic .

    All I Know Is Whoever Made This Quiz Aint Good At Spellin' . FOH :)

  • Hispanic.

    Juan Carlos
  • I got "aelin" -the person doesn't even no how to spell lmao. It's alien but yup

    Chocolate Coco
  • I got white... YAY you got it right!

  • u kiddin me im white not hispanic

  • alien, yah im mixed


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