what is your ranking and clan in warriors

Hello!blueheart speaking from Washington, the Seahawk state. Today we shall talk about warriors. The AWESOME book series about cats who live in clans. Clans that fight, that hunt daily, and protect.

Are YOU a clan cat? Do You have what it takes? Honestly, I love that series, and if youhate my qiuz, or cats in genral, try reading the first Percy Jackson book, the lighting thief. The books are so much better than the movies, trust me. Ok, back to the quiz!!!

Created by: blueheart

  1. What is your personality like
  2. What is your fav color
  3. Were would you rather be
  4. Where would you sleep
  5. Were and when you would go to the forest
  6. Would you be caught making out with a girl/boy
  7. What's your favorite type of food
  8. Do know about warriors
  9. Do you like warriors
  10. Read warriors. Please if you hhave not already

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Quiz topic: What is my ranking and clan in warriors