What is your psychic ability?

You might have a hidden psychic ability. What is it? Or which one will you be best at if you start developing psychic abilities? There are 4 different results for this quiz.

Maybe you are are a true psychic? Are you? Take this quiz and find out what psychic ability you have. Some are actually useful abilities that can help you.

Created by: Adrian Tse

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  1. Do you frequently finish off someone's sentence?
  2. How well can you predict the future?
  3. Can you read someone's mind?
  4. Do you hear ghosts?
  5. Do you ever hear your name when you are inside a room with no one or no known source?
  6. What is the creator of this quiz's most favorite color?
  7. Is the creator of this quiz a boy or girl?
  8. Have you ever moved something with your mind?
  9. Have your friend or partner think of a number from 0-9. And you try to guess it. Do this 5 times. How many times did you guess it right?
  10. Concentrate very hard on a note card folded in half. Visualize it as in connects to you and visualize it moving. Did it move?
  11. Guess what is true about the creator of this quiz.

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Quiz topic: What is my psychic ability?