Are you psychic

Some people in this world have a gift called psychic ability. They are easily able to predict the future and have supernatural powers. These powers are unique and not everyone has them.

Are you psychic. Maybe you are but we won't know for sure before taking this quiz. Maybe you have the special extraordinary ability which sets you aside from others.

Created by: Maira Irfan

  1. Do you happen to have visions of the future which turn out to be true?
  2. How many of your predictions have become true. (they cannot be something like " the sun is going to set today")
  3. Do you feel you can see the future. Be honest
  4. Do you have dreams that come true
  5. Do you think you are psychic.
  6. do you see and hear things that others can't
  7. Can you predict the weather without using the weather network
  8. Can you feel the communication between you and an animal
  9. Do you like this quiz
  10. Are you going to comment

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