What is Your Political Ideaology

This is a test that will tell you what your political views are in case you are not sure about where you stand with on your views. On you on the right? the left? or neither?

This quiz contains 12 questions. if you have any questions about the test feel free to email me. Mark at [no emails]. Have fun. I hope you enjoy this quiz.

Created by: mark
  1. Everyone is Equal
  2. Capitalism Is the best economic system.
  3. Communism Will Never Work.
  4. Rule must be delivered with an iron fist!
  5. Gay Marriage Should be legal.
  6. Healthcare should be paid for by taxes and provided by the state(if there is one). The Rich shouldn't be able to buy private healthcare.
  7. The Government should be very small.
  8. A large Military is necessary.
  9. Multiple Party states need to go. One party can rule the nation just fine.
  10. Everyone should be paid the exact same amount of money.

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Quiz topic: What is my Political Ideaology