What is your perfect hair cut?

I think hair says a lot about people and their habits and personalities. Some people might be having problems choosing a style. But it's just some fun as well!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Ever wondered what hair fits your personality...? well... YAY! take this quiz and you'll find out. Hopefully you'll agree with me or you'll even try out the hairstyle.!! woohoo have fun! xoxoxoox

Created by: Dee

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Perfect scene?
  2. Favourite make-up?
  3. What are you wearing?
  4. Your must-have-at-all-times item?
  5. You are labelled as...
  6. Favourite film?
  7. Which part of your body are you most happy with?
  8. Your favourite sound?
  9. Your favourite smell?
  10. Someones picking on your best friend so you...

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Quiz topic: What is my perfect hair cut?