what is your miraculous???

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MirAculoUs, siMpLy tHe bEsT, uP tO tHe tESt WhEn ThiNgS gO wROnG! you guessed it, miraculous ladybug, I really wuv that show, sending edited pictures of me having a miraculous (my friend does that too) be sure to read my rules, and next time you take one of my quizzes, ALWAYS READ THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱 🤬 👩🏼‍🏫

rule 1: be truthful. rule 2: always read informative paragraphs. rule 3: rate quizzes at all times. rule 4: comment if you see mistakes (not the results like saying it's not true). rule 5: comment your results at all times. rule 6: always like a quiz if you like it. rule 7: read the last paragraph.

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  1. first, did you read the informative paragraphs?
  2. well, this quiz has a roleplay, you ready?
  3. ok, who will you be in the roleplay?
  4. you are sleeping, then your kwami wakes you up.
  5. you go to school but you see an akuma
  6. you arrive at the school, and you have a quiz, and someone's books fell, do you help, or no.
  7. you got mad because your quiz is hard, then an akuma is about to get you, what do you do?
  8. your classmate Marinette got akumatized into anti-bug
  9. you found this secret place, you found the miraculous box, which miraculous will you get?
  10. with your miraculous, you tried to save the day, first try, failed, and you feel weak.
  11. someone(who is me) encourages you to fight again, you fight again, and you won!!!!!!!!!
  12. in the next day of school, marinette asks you if you have a miraculous, what do you say.
  13. you found me, I gave you all miraculouses, then you teleported somewhere, in the black hole, you passed away...
  14. you promise to rate my quiz?
  15. bye

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Quiz topic: What is my miraculous???

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