What Is Your Likelihood Of Committing Suicide?

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Take this quiz to guess your likelihood of committing suicide. This is not 100% accurate and is simply a friendly quiz to make you aware of suicide and prevent it.

*This quiz was made by a team whose goal is to prevent suicide. The content of this quiz is not meant to be disturbing or graphic at all. Safe for all ages.

Created by: embrie
  1. Have you ever attempted suicide?
  2. Have any of your family members or close friends committed suicide?
  3. Have you ever self harmed?
  4. Do you have anxiety, depression, and/or OCD?
  5. Which are you?
  6. Do you have a religious faith?
  7. Have you spoken with anyone about your self-harm or suicidal thoughts?
  8. What is your age and gender? (If other, choose either gender.)
  9. What is your race?
  10. Do you do drugs or drink frequently?
  11. Are you planning suicide?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Likelihood Of Committing Suicide?

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