what is your lable style?????

LABLES lables are things or groups that you are in: goths, emo, prep, geeks, dorks, more more more. but which one are you? preps = bad people...they are disrespectfull and horrible. goths=great people...they do sit alone but would you rather want more *fights*. geeks...they are incredibly smart!!!! let them tuture you...they will help you. any thing else = i have no clue...lol but take this quiz to see what your incredible lable is.

In the quiz you will be asked 10-12 questions about things you would do. things like laughing and name calling. are you a bad person or a good person? find out by this AWSUM HIP SPANKIN SWEET quiz.

Created by: brandy johnson of urlaydee_kitkat
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  1. okey...say you were going to a school dance...what would you do?
  2. okey say your school had a feild trip and there was a few people who could not make it because of the price or the time. what would you do?
  3. okey say that a geek or normal person invited you to a party {trying to be nice to you}...what do you do???
  4. what kind of people would you invite to your party????!!!!
  5. what gender would you invite?
  6. what would you say to some one?
  7. okey almost finished. do you poison them?
  8. do you sit with a certain type of lable???? what kind?
  9. what lables do yo usually talk about when you are with your friends*?
  10. last question....trust me on this one. what would you do if some one that is not in your lable asked you to go to dinner or lunch with their family.{their trying to be a nice person}

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Quiz topic: What is my lable style?????