what is your kotlc ability?

this quiz is not going to be 100 percent accurate, but I made this as accurate as possible. yeett fjkjciahdsjcabkjdfskbahbakjehjdkjadjhfjdjdskjafkdafjdjc

Thank you for taking this quiz, I hope you have a lot of fun and are satisfied with the result. have fun. yeet hfhkjjhsdkjghfhrhbfahsjfhkjnfhdjfnurajbbra

Created by: zacharythemesmer

  1. Which ability do you want?
  2. which of these do you consider yourself
  3. are you social
  4. how many languages do you speak fluently
  5. are you a leader
  6. does it sometimes feel like you can read peoples mind
  7. Does it sometimes feel like you can sense people emotions
  8. are you good with technology
  9. can you tell if people have potentiol
  10. do you like fire

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Quiz topic: What is my kotlc ability?