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  • You're a chestnut! You are very powerful and energetic! You have a true fire in your heart that only a chestnut could understand. You have strong aggression, and may need to learn to control it at times.

    Its true. I am very energetic and pretty strong. Im the fastest in my school (even though im a girl,) and sometimes i get so angry, i have to sit in my room and breathe so i dont hurt someone. But then i get myself under control and run another mile. :)

    Radar 1
    What is your inner horse color?
    Your Result: Pinto/Paint

    You are wild and creative! Everyone you meet falls under your spell! When you meet someone, your positive energy and warm smile make their day. Although your energy is positive, it can sometimes have a negative effect such as annoying people.

  • Your inner color is black! you are much like the chestnut in many ways. Unlike the chestnut, you have a very dark attitude that occasionally drives people away in fear. You do not yet realize the strength of your power.

    Thats so true. Awesome quiz.


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