What is your favorite holiday?

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What is you're favorite holiday? This quiz is perfect, for a cozy afternoon! Its just a fun quiz for comfort, no offensive spams OR programs, Hope you enjoy!

Just for fun! a holiday quiz, Happy Holidays! a quiz just like any other, Hope everyone here likes Or even Loves it!!! 2ND HOLIDAY QUIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PARAGRAPH

Created by: Linda Anders
  1. When or which holiday do you most feel comfortable in?
  2. What holiday do you buy most stuff for?
  3. How many traditional meals do you get for the most?
  4. Which holiday do you get ready for, too early?
  5. Do you know how many holiday's there are in a whole year?
  6. Can the holiday the result hurt you're feelings?
  7. And finally, did you like this quiz?
  8. 8th
  9. 9th
  10. 10TH......

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Quiz topic: What is my favorite holiday?