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  • Night Talent 82%

    You are a Night talent fairy! Night fairies are a very important part of Pixie Hollow. They are like security and watch over at night. Night talent fairies have a very special trait: they can glow when they want to! They have the power to make things glow at night, and they work together with glow worms and lightning bugs. These fairies are fierce, smart, and brave. They sleep under the Nite Brite Flowers outside the home tree. Night fairies usually wear dark colors and have dark hair and bright green eyes. Your next step in the Fairy process is to choose a name and develop your talent! *THE RESULTS FROM THIS TEST HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY QUEEN PEARL*

    46% Baking Fairy
    32% Water Fairy
    30% Garden Fairy
    18% Ice Fairy!
    4% Heat Fairy

    Dark hair and green eyes... (Has red hair and blue eyes. :D)

  • I like it! I'm a garden fairy :) have you made a fairy name quiz?

  • Yay I'm an ice fairy!


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