What is your element?

You are a person, everyone has more or less of a specific, or a few specific elements in them, Air Earth Fire and Water. Witch one are you? Take the quizz to find out.

there are ten questions to get a genral idea of witch one you are. For diffrent people it will be more accurate or less. Make sure to be as honest with yourself in the quizz as posible, olease understand everything in it. If you dont understand what a question asked feel free to skip it.

Created by: Arsnic D.
  1. How do you put out a candle?
  2. To Gard a magical gate, you...
  3. Do you prefer,
  4. Do you want Zircon in an/ your Engagement/ wedding ring?
  5. Death by...
  6. A man walked off a building one fay at 0, longitude and 0, latitude A woman stood at the admarirals desk in line with the dead man. Did he walk more Latitude or longitude?
  7. A woman kissed a man and a man kissed a woman. That is all that can ever be.
  8. What is your strongest trait?
  9. What is your favorate tree place?
  10. Where do you hide a box?

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Quiz topic: What is my element?