what is your destiny

what is my destiny, you may ask. well here it is in a 12 question test. is it good, or... well... not. try it today and get your pride... maybe... i dunno...

test test test test test test test tests are awesome if u take this u r aweeeeeeessoooommme. so try it. no risk. seriously. stop reading it. uggggggggh..

Created by: randum
  1. what is a large achievment in your life?
  2. music?
  3. hobby?
  4. a small vibrating panda sits on your head. you:
  5. how many languages do you speak
  6. 1+1=
  7. you have 10 bucks to use on a corner store. what will you get?
  8. in monopoly, you:
  9. what do you think of canada
  10. i live in canada. (seriously)

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Quiz topic: What is my destiny