What is your destiny?

Based off of the book "The Once and Future King", this quiz was created to determine your fate in the roles of the kingdom. Each type of person has an important role in this society. But...

Are you destined to be a knight? Will you be a squire? Or will you simply be a page? Why wait to find out when you can take this quiz that will determine it for you! This quiz will test the best of your abilities. Now, are you ready to have you determined?

Created by: Kieran Cash

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  1. Do you hold honor above everything else?
  2. Do you wish to be highly respected?
  3. If you encountered a damsel in distress, what would you do?
  4. Do you wish to go on quests?
  5. What would you do if encountered by a dragon?
  6. Are you willing to take the steps necessary to become a knight?
  7. Which would you choose?
  8. How would you deal with the amount of pressure on you to protect hundreds, possibly thousands, of people?
  9. Which describes you most?
  10. Which do you want to be most?

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Quiz topic: What is my destiny?