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  • Thanks for the comments you guys, you seem really cool! I got green, meaning I'm just weird and different, but it's funny that so many of you got purple, blue and yellow were supposed to be the most common, easiest to get ones. Again, Thanx!!!

  • Your Result: purple

    while a bit big headed, sometimes, maybe, you are a good person. You love people and you love being comfortable around them. You are the true face of royalty.

    Purple is my fav colour!!! =] <33

    Puppy xo1
  • awesome quiz!
    my name is also Abby

  • sweet quiz but the mellow thing is a little off 4 me and ya...my names not Abby but my black lab is named that so...ya

  • My Name Is Abby!!!!!!!! Yay! lol I got purple.


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