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  • What is your birthstone?
    Your Result: Ruby

    Your birthstone is Ruby because you were born in July! The ruby is a gemstone known for its beautiful deep red color, which symbolizes love and passion. The ruby itself represents courage, true love, and bravery. Throughout history the ruby has been worn by emperors, kings, and royalty, and to this day the ruby is still the most valued gemstone in the world. Wearing a ruby is said to protect you from evil and danger.

    Oh well I don't really like ruby

  • Um ya'll I'm pretty sure the purpose of the quiz is not "I can guess your birthstone" but rather "let me inform you on your birthstone."

    Als o, though, while turquoise is the december birthstone, more people use blue topaz to represent December.

  • I also have a diamond birthstone but it's not the hardest mineral on earth anymore, wurtzite boron nitride is I found that out by my earth space science teacher lol. :D

  • Yeah you got it right BECAUSE it was so easy you just were asking the month you were born in, not using creative ways. I'm born in April and I'm proud to be a diamond THE HARDEST MINERAL!

  • Yes, I have the gemstone Emerald, I was born in May. A beautiful gemstone and gives me better memory and gives peace.


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