What Is Your Best Physical Feature?

Everybody is beautiful! Inside and out! But this quiz is focusing on the outside! Whether you believe it or not, you have a special feature that makes your gorgeous! Lets figure out what it is!

Oh my goodness, these things are so annoying. People don't read them! Anyways, you're beautiful honey! Take this quiz to find out what makes you oh so stunning!

Created by: quizmakes
  1. Starting off... What do you think your best feature is?
  2. When you think of your body, what comes to mind?
  3. Your eyes look like... (not color, more general appearance)
  4. Your hair is...
  5. Your smile is...
  6. Whose nose do you think you have? Not skin-tone wise, just shape?
  7. How's your skin?
  8. What do GIRLS say to you the most?
  9. What reactions do you get from GUYS the most?
  10. Which one sound like something you would say/hear?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Best Physical Feature?