what is your best friend like

so would you like to find out what your friend is actually like when you see him/her they could be a cool kid but when they are alone at home they could be a total geek so find out more here woo hoo find out your friends personality

so is your friend a geek or a cool kid i bet you always wonder well i do aswell if you wanna find out guess what this quiz can tell you yeah come on this quiz rocks my friend said at school and i tryed him amd he was a cool kid come on find out more as you go through the quiz

Created by: billy mitchell
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. does your friend wear glasses
  2. how many friends is he/she have
  3. do they have a girlfriend/boyfriend
  4. what is his habbits
  5. what is his/her fav animal
  6. do you like my quiz ( no effect )
  7. do they wear a bra ( no effect )
  8. ogg a bog
  9. are you bored
  10. will you comment on how funny i am

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Quiz topic: What is my best friend like