What is you warrior name

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This is a quiz to see what your name is. I only have leader, apprentice, and warriors. even warrior who want to be leader of course. The ones have to be evil most of the time.

You have to read warriors to take this quiz really if you haven't then you might not want to take this but you could but it might not turn out well for you then. Have fun!

Created by: Eve

  1. What color would you want your pelt be?
  2. What rank would you be
  3. You saw a fox you would
  4. What is your favorite prey
  5. A tom/she-cat at the gathering came up to you and said hi you would
  6. You fall in love with a cat out side of the clan
  7. What would you do in your free time
  8. You found a kit in the wilderness with a rogue sent on it and you got to keep it and you would name it
  9. What is your favorite color
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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