What is you sexuality

HELLO, My name is kyleigh i am a genderfluid bisexual, how has you day been :) and always remember you are special!!! :) (also awesome) also, if you are juged because of your sexuality, just know your safe here!!

I hope your day has been good and you are eating and sleeping ok. I really hope you like this quiz. i tried really hard because it is my first quiz. I am hoping to make more in the future.

Created by: kyleigh

  1. how many genders have you liked??
  2. is it easy for you to get along with everyone
  3. have you ever liked the same gender
  4. do you have a crush on anybody???
  5. how has your day been?? this will not effect you score
  6. your special :)
  7. What do you think you are
  8. :)
  9. have you came out yet to anybody??
  10. how do you like this quiz

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