What is ur fave color?

Most colors do something to your body physiologically. Pink, for instance does not make you spunky and girly, but calms you down. I am using 4 colors, but pink is not included. I won't tell you the four.

This quiz tells you what should be your favorite color, not which one is. What color matches your personality? What job would you do well in? How should you decorate your home? How do you do with stress? This quiz answers these questions. Take it and find out!

Created by: briste

  1. Are you type A or B?
  2. Do you do well with stress?
  3. What are you usually like?
  4. (has effect) Choose a symbol.
  5. How relaxed are you?
  6. Can you concentrate well?
  7. How energetic are you?
  8. Which would you rather look at?
  9. What would you rather do?
  10. Do you have ADD or ADHD?

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