What is the likeliness of you getting covid19?

This is not a real quiz. Please do not rely on these results to determine whether or not you have covid19. I f you are showing symptoms contact your doctor and stay home.

I hope you like this have fun. Dont rely on this quiz at all. kgskdaf;kdvdkcb ksbfjkgdak;sdf/B;KVDk;jdglkdsflkdsgkkafg;jsgsdagkjds;kgadsbfksvbadkskbsdf ;kjd.

Created by: EmmaL1nd
  1. do you have heart disease
  2. do you have any preexisting health problems
  3. are you over the age of 65
  4. Have you had any physical contact with someone who is showing symptoms
  5. Have you had any physical contact with someone who has tested positive for covid19
  6. Do you live in any country or state that is an epicenter or has a large concentration of covid19 cases
  7. Do you follow the social distancing rule
  8. Have you recently traveled to asia or europe
  9. Have you recently taken a cruise
  10. did you enjoy this quiz

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