what type of friend are you?

based on the answers you pick this test will determine what kind of friend you are.i hope you enjoy your results!!if you don't like you results please contact me.

please make sure to have fun and always be positive and enjoy life to the fullest!!!!!!don't waste your time thinking of negative thoughts.always be positive.

Created by: Olivia
  1. are you rebellious?
  2. can you make anyone and everyone laugh at anytime?
  3. are you ever mean to anyone?
  4. do you feel like you always need to protect the people you care for?
  5. are you always smiling?
  6. would you harm someone for the people you care about?
  7. are you always positive?
  8. are you always honest no matter how your friend would feel?
  9. are you always getting yourself of people in trouble or danger?
  10. do you curse?
  11. can you be mean to someone to their face?
  12. are you a sweet person?
  13. do you make sure your friend is always put in their place?

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Quiz topic: What type of friend am I?