What Is The First Letter Of The Person I'll Marry's Name?

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Are you curious about your future? Do you want to know the potential first letter of a future spouse? Or maybe you just want to have some fun and take this quiz for kicks?

Remember, this quiz will not say your future. Also, you may not see all the letters of the alphabet. I hope that you will enjoy my quiz! Also I want to shout out to my friend, a girl who likes axolotls and goats! This is for you!

Created by: Chef Cactus ^_^
  1. What is your Gender?
  2. What are three words that describe you?
  3. What do you want most in a partner
  4. What does your name begin with? (If it is not here, please click other)
  5. What do you like most?
  6. Which type of book?
  7. Which Game?
  8. Which college would you like to attend?
  9. What color?
  10. Which Yandere Simulator person?

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