What is the best pet reptile for me?

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Find out which pet reptile suits you best! (Not 100% accurate)!!! Snakes and lizards. Hope you enjoy my quiz! Have a good day! Love reptiles <33333333

I love reptiles in general and with this quiz I I want to share my love to others! It's a fun quiz, hope you like it! It includes some snakes and lizards!

Created by: Ash

  1. Why do you want a pet reptile?
  2. How much room can you dedicate for your pet?
  3. How much time do you have to handle/interact with your reptile daily?
  4. Do you prefer a snake or a lizard?
  5. What size do tou want your pet to be?
  6. How much money can you give for the pet, the enclosure etc
  7. How much money can you provide monthly?
  8. Are you scared of dead mice or live insects?
  9. How long do you want your pet to live?
  10. Did you enjoy my quiz? (Doesn't effect your result)

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