what is really your favorite color

some people think their real favorite color is red or green or black but really their favorite color matters of how they love things and how they hate things.

do YOU really know what YOUR favorite color? This quiz will help you find your REAL favorite color! If you get your real favorite color awesome but most people wont! In just a few minutes you will find out! Good luck!

Created by: Julia

  1. do you love flowers?
  2. what color would you like your room?
  3. are you crafty?
  4. what color would you like your computer/headphones to be?
  5. regular duct tape or pretty duct tape
  6. emojis or no emojis
  7. do you like Mardi Gras?
  8. do you love to decorate?
  9. what pattern do you like?
  10. do you love outside?

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Quiz topic: What is really my favorite color