What infernal device character are you?

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Have you been wondering which Infernal Devices character you are? Who am I most like? Well finally by answering literally twelve simple question you will find out!!!!

Are you the book loving Tessa Gray, the torched Will Herondale, or the sweet Jem Carstairs? Take this quiz and you'll find out if your one of these three or more!!!!

Created by: FlorianA
  1. What colour eyes do you have?
  2. What colour hair do you have?
  3. What do you care most about?
  4. What is your favorite pass time?
  5. If you come across a giant serpent, what would you do?
  6. Where would you most like to live?
  7. If you had a magical power what would it be?
  8. Who's your favorite of the following?
  9. What category do you think you would fall under?
  10. What are you scared of?

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Quiz topic: What infernal device character am I?