what ice age character are you?

there are real fans who absoloutly love ice age but would you like to find out which one you are most like... if so take this quiz you wont be sorry and im sure you'll love your result...promise!

do you believe that you are a true ice age fan if so COME TAKE THIS QUIZ! please come and find out which character you are most like! are you sid,diego or any of the other characters!

Created by: Lulu Mcstarpants

  1. do you think you are tough and strong?
  2. what did ellie and manny name there baby?
  3. what time of day do you like?
  4. are you a vegeterian?
  5. would you take directions from a weasel?
  6. what does diego say buck is?
  7. what is buck long and short for?
  8. if you were scrat would you go out with scratte?
  9. who is your favourite character?
  10. what is sid?
  11. did you like this quiz? no effect on score or does it ?
  12. how do you pronounce scrattes name ?
  13. who would you rather ?

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Quiz topic: What ice age character am I?