What howrse player are you?

Do you play the game that has over 1 000 000 players called howrse? If so what are your behavior traits?Are you a breeder,mini mod or an unmentionable player?

What horse player are YOU? find out by taking this extra ordinary quiz that will help you find out what type of player you are!Please I encourage you to PM these players and tell them that you are just like them!

Created by: Gethorses
  1. You have free time on howrse you...
  2. Do you like to breed?
  3. Do you have a rescue group?
  4. Do you like mods?
  5. What horse do you breed
  6. Which do you breed?
  7. did you like this quiz?
  8. Are you on any teams
  9. If you have a rescue group do you have a website for it?
  10. What is on your page

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Quiz topic: What howrse player am I?