What House Are You In?

This is a quiz for people who wanna go to Hogwarts, and that they may be prepared for the results of the sorting hat. Well, in fact, these questions were talked out from the sorting hat itself!(jokin')

Well anyway, this result might not be entirely accurate so you should go to Pottermore and do this there instead. I've posted the link. But I won't mind if you didn't go there!

Created by: ChristinaLiang of Pottermore
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  1. Who do you admire most in the Harry Potter series?
  2. Do you most prize your self on?
  3. (Boy)Who do you want to have as your girlfriend?
  4. (Girl)Who do you want to have as your boyfriend?
  5. Do you hate house elfs?
  6. What snack do you prefer?
  7. Do you want to control:
  8. Your personality:
  9. You have a holiday. Would you:
  10. (just interested , won't affect results) Which cp do you 'ship most?

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Quiz topic: What House am I In?