What Horse Breed Are You?

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So many horse breeds are scattered across the globe. What one of these do you belong to? Is it the flashy paint or appaloosa or a calmer breed such as the American Quarter Horse. Or are you looking for the gentle giant Clydesdale?

What horse breed are you? Are you calm like the Quarter Horse? Energetic like the Arabian? Gentle like the Clydesdale? Take this quiz to find out (10 horse breeds!)

Created by: Barbara of Howrse
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  1. Your owner goes out to catch you. She holds an apple and has one hand tucked behind her back. You're curious but you've seen this trick before you...
  2. You're owner goes to saddle you. She's small so the saddle lands on you with a thud. Then she pulls it into position which hurts your back making you very uncomfortable you...
  3. Your owner is bridling you. She slips the bit into your mouth but is taking forever to bring it over your ears. The bit clanks around in your mouth. You try to move your tongue to make it go in a more comfortable position but it is no use.. you
  4. Your owner takes you over a jump that's super high. It's above her skill level. She falls forward and spurs you where no horse wants to be spurred. Then she sits up and yanks up the reins causing your nec k to crank back you..
  5. A little girl is riding you. She tries to take you over an almost impossible jump you..
  6. You are put in your stall and realize you are out of water. Your owner goes in for the night you...
  7. When you are eating grain you realize it smells bad and has.. is that a breathing possum?!?!?! in it... you....
  8. When being trained you would like to learn...
  9. If you were a horse what color would you want to be
  10. How'd you like my quiz? (no effect on results)

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