What Horse are you?

This quiz you can find out what breed of Horse you are! You can be a Graceful Gentle Giant or a stubborn mustang! You can be any breed because of your personality you are unique!!!

Are you a failure or a complete success??? You can be any breed according to your personality to your sense of humour!I hope you have enjoyed!!! See you soon.

Created by: Siobhan

  1. Your owner is selling you to a unsuspected horse killer! do you
  2. you are a mare and a stallion is in the next meadows!Do you
  3. You are lame and about 2 go 4 a ride! Do u
  4. You notice sum1 trying 2 steel a horse in the paddock next 2 u! do u
  5. you realise your owner is getting kicked! you
  6. Rats are invading your stall! you?
  7. You are going 4 a ride in the mountains and you see wild horses!You
  8. You are riding in a cave and bats frighten you! do you?
  9. You are away from your owner because she/he is on holiday! you?
  10. you are about 2 be slaughtered! you?

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Quiz topic: What Horse am I?