what holiday are you?

people match their personality to animals,other people,etc. so i compared them to holidays or the spirit of the holiday comment if you like it and happy holidays

so what holiday are you are you christmas, thanksgiving, new years eve, or some other one take this quiz and find out hope you dont bore yourself to death with this quiz!)

Created by: shaylin

  1. do you think of yourself or others first?
  2. which do you like to eat more?
  3. what would you rather do?
  4. what colors do you like best?
  5. whats your favorite season?
  6. whats more important giving or recieving?
  7. what letter does your name start with?
  8. how many presents do you need on a holiday?
  9. are you a bully-be honest
  10. what is your usual attitude?

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Quiz topic: What holiday am I?