What Hogwarts House Does Your Cat Belong In?

Ever wonder what Hogwarts house your feline friend belongs in? Take this quiz and find out! No matter what, though, every house is unique and amazing in its own way.

Gryffindor values courage and nerve; Slutherin values cunning and ambition; Ravenclaw values intellect and wisdom; and Hufflepuff values loyalty and fairness.

Created by: Holly

  1. Has your kitty ever been a bully?
  2. If you had to choose one trait for your kitty, which would it be?
  3. Is your kitty intelligent?
  4. Would you say your kitty is loyal?
  5. Would you consider them wise?
  6. How much does your cat like to eat?
  7. Is your kitty adventurous? Do they like to explore?
  8. If your kitty wanted a ball that another kitty was playing with, how would they get it?
  9. Is your kitty fair when playing?
  10. Is your kitty a scaredy-cat?

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Quiz topic: What Hogwarts House Does my Cat Belong In?