What Hogwarts House Are You In?

Hufflepuff Slytherin Gryffindor or Ravenclaw which are you find out here you can see what house you’ll be sorted in. Good luck and btw no matter what this is the house you belong in this is the one the house you will always be in forever and ever

The sorting hat never lies. The house you will be in is all done to you not me chose carefully it’s the sorting hat he knows your secrets. Let’s begin

Created by: Emily
  1. You wish to be...
  2. Choose a professor
  3. You favourite color
  4. Choose a class
  5. Choose a deal they hallow
  6. Black or white
  7. Blood status
  8. Your patrons
  9. Now choose name pure blood half blood muggle born name chose carefully
  10. Now what house are you hoping for

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Quiz topic: What Hogwarts House am I In?