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  • By the way, I don't listen to MCR. THEY SUCK. I listen to **** off jill

  • What high school stereotype are you? Your Result: you are an EMO!self harm and depression. please try not to hurt yourself too bad or you might have to see the school councillor. you love wearing drainpipes and black eyeliner, and you have a fringe that covers one eye. you listen to depressing music by "my chemical romance" and can't get through a hawthorne hights album without sobbingyou are a GOTH!you are a NERD!you are a PREP!you are a CHEERLEADER!you are a JOCK!What high school stereotype are you?Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

  • Nerds don't always wear big glasses (In fact, most nerds I know, me included, don't). It's just a false stereotype. Yes, I know that this quiz is based on stereotypes, but please. Just keep it at academic obsession and low popularity. And, by the way, I hate cheerleaders, so I don't want one to 'fall for me', nobody picks on me (Well, a few people are rude about it, but I think they look specifically for things to be rude about, because they're rude to everybody), people do invite me to parties (I just turn down their offers), and I'm actually exceptional at some sports (Not necessarily good, but enough to pass as not terrible like you describe). Basically, the only things you got right are that I'm smart, ace tests, and am of a low popularity (But more popular than you describe).

    Evil Lord Inthiyr
  • Your Result: you are a PREP!

    shoes, shopping and the lated prada purse are all you care about! "pink poodles and blonde curls! boys! shoes! shopping! prada! OMG i love that lipstick!" is all anyone ever hears you say, and all the guys luv you for it. you always do quite well in the tests and pop quizzes, but you are always at the top in fashion and your biggest concern is getting the very latest prada shoes

    you are a CHEERLEADER!
    you are a JOCK!
    you are an EMO!
    you are a NERD!
    you are a GOTH!

  • wtf?? mcr? depressin?? im guessin.. this person based the emo result on the emo song.... well done you..... btw.... emos arnt ppl hu cut themselves... thats called self harmers... emo is the music an the clothes......jees!! ! wat is it with ppl an sayin emos cut themselves...... goin now.... bye......


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