What Heartstopper Character Would You Be?

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So Heartstopper has just been released on Netflix and I have already watched all the episodes. I know a lot of people are desperate for a character quiz for it.

In your result I will tell you good stuff about yourself and give you some advice. The advice will only be accurate if you answer all of these questions truthfully. Don’t just pick the answers that you think will get you your favourite character.

Created by: Whizz bang
  1. What is your sexuality?
  2. Are you dating anyone?
  3. What is your greatest insecurity?
  4. Are you a big hugger?
  5. What sports do you play?
  6. What year are you in?
  7. Are you trans?
  8. Do you get into fights?
  9. Would you say you’re more extroverted or introverted?
  10. How shy are you on a scale of 1-55 being very shy and 1 being not atall?

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